Congrès National pour la Démocratie - National Democratic Congress

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Ref: Declaration of the National Democratic Congress on elections of 2017

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), the coalition between the Rally for Unity and Democracy (RUD-Urunana) and the Rally for the Rwandan People (RPR-Inkeragutabara), we believe that our goals are transformational, our purpose and political action are attested and  our principles  are  built on the solid foundation of consensual democratic values. 

With our beliefs in a New Rwanda where Rwandans see themselves as one people, not a  collection of competing and mistrustful tribes, we are ready to build a nation with strong institutions fiercely protected by its proud people, to last for centuries to come.

In his song, Gikundiro, the Rwandan singer, poet, and composer Francois Nkurunziza while describing his love for Nyamibwa y'Igikundiro (The lovely unrivaled best)  popularized the Rwandan proverb: "The best people renew themselves throughout their lifetime" (Abeza babyiruka mu myaka yose). Hence, NDC believes that the Rwanda we envision is the "Nyamibwa y'Igikundiro" Nkurunziza was singing about,  a nation that renews itself forever. 

Strong with the belief about Rwanda, NDC finds that time has come to reassert our solemn promise and commitment regarding our