National Democratic Congress cannot do it alone. We partner with those sharing the same or similar objectives and members of the civil society.

Who is NDC?

Simply put National Democratic Congress
is anyone ready to make the transformational change in how Rwandans are governed and participate in the political prices of their country. NDC has been
and will continue to be at the forefront of that change and so will you,
if you embark on the journey.

You & your compatriots on the journey of Consensual Democracy

The journey on which NDC members have embarked is towards Consensual Democracy and
economic empowerment and development. That journey cannot be possible without the participation
of Rwandans as a whole,
and a visionary leadership.

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Why people join or Support National Democratic Congress

Rwandans inside Rwanda and all over the world have joined or supported RUD-Urunana and RPR-Inkeragutabara.
Here's what some have to say.

RUD-Urunana was created to protect Rwandan refugees and fight for their return to their homeland, with dignity.

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Cyril D

The vision of National Democratic Congress is transformative for the country.

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Beatrice M
Great Britain

RUD-RPR coalition has shown that unity and peace among the ethnic components of the Rwandan nation can be a reality.

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Monique M
Our Award is the Satisfaction of:
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Getting started

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About NDC

Find out more about National Democratic Congress and how and why it was created.

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