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National Democratic Congress is committed to promoting consensual democracy in Rwanda.

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Refugees Mbandaka

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Most of these Rwandan Refugees in Mbandaka, Democratic Republic of the Congo were massacred by the troops of General Paul Kagame and his allies. You cannot remain silent. Join the movement;  Speak Up;  Act.

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Divisive and ethnic politics are at the root of the cyclical tragedies in Rwanda. Rwandan Patriotic Front has perfected the tools of division, ethnic divide and repression,  tyranny, and total submission of the masses. Let us change that.

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Why National Democratic Congress (NDC)

#1 NDC as a Contribution to Bringing Peace in the Great Lakes Region

The instability in the Great Lakes region of Africa constitutes not only a moral problem, but also a World security problem. The political situation inside Rwanda and its enduring consequence, the problem of Rwanda refugees, are at the heart of the instability. Resolving the problem of Rwandan refugees is the key to stabilizing the region.

In order to address the biggest issues in the Great Lakes Region, especially the problem of Rwandan refugees, Rwandans  need a trusted and capable leadership and principled ideas to bring needed change and evolution. However, Rwandans cannot do it alone.  They need the friends of Rwanda and of the Rwandan people,  to help them resolve one of their biggest challenge in the History of Rwanda. Hence, the friends of Rwanda need to work with a Rwandan leadership capable and ready to embark on the path of positive changes. That leadership is in the National Democratic Congress

#2: Several Failed Attempts to Resolve the Problem of Security, Peace and Democracy in the Region

Prior attempts to resolve the problem of Rwandan refugees in the Great Lakes region by force and the voluntary disarmament and repatriation process that began in 2002 have so far failed. Both approaches did not succeed because they ignored the political dimension of the Rwandan problematic and the political aspirations of the Rwandan people, the refugees, and the opposition. The past and on-going forced repatriation, including Umoja Wetu and Kimia I and II  and MONUSCO's proposed armed approach, have failed and have worsened humanitarian situation or are doomed.

The politico-social troubles in Rwanda will continue to ignite the entire Great Lakes region of Africa and create a breeding ground of insecurity, where international terrorism, guerillas, human trafficking, oppression, civil wars, degrading acts, and other threats to global security may find a safe heaven. It is therefore urgent that the International Community, especially the members of the United Nations Security Council tackle firmly the problem of regional insecurity in the region, especially the situation of the Rwandan refugees, as a matter of overall security, stability, and humanitarian concerns in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

As pointed out by most humanitarian and political organizations from the region, the best approach to resolve the problem must be comprehensive and target the root cause

#3 NDC Proposes A Srategic Approach to Security and Targeted Actionable Tactics

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Working TogetherBe ready to join NDC's movement for the transformation of the Rwandan society, institutions, and governance. Be ready for a change!

National Democratic Congress leadership is ready to transform our collective ideas into the greatest Rwandan experience

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