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National Democratic Congress is committed to promoting consensual democracy in Rwanda.

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Refugees Mbandaka

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Most of these Rwandan Refugees in Mbandaka, Democratic Republic of the Congo were massacred by the troops of General Paul Kagame and his allies. You cannot remain silent. Join the movement;  Speak Up;  Act.

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Participatory Democracy

Join National Democratic Congress and help build Consensual Democracy in Rwanda

Divisive and ethnic politics are at the root of the cyclical tragedies in Rwanda. Rwandan Patriotic Front has perfected the tools of division, ethnic divide and repression,  tyranny, and total submission of the masses. Let us change that.

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Your ideas and actions will help transform and make Rwanda a better place. A place where all Rwandans will live peacefully, sharing the same vision and building a country they will proud of.

Great ideas are the beginning. Moving from ideas to objectives, strategies and actions will be driving us. National Democratic Congress is about actions. But thoroughly thought out actions.

This is how National Democratic Congress Does things

  • The people have aspirations
  • Ideas come from the people as whole, including NDC members
  • NDC has a vision and set objectives
  • NDC leaders elaborate strategies
  • Active members and the people put strategies into actions
  • The people are the sole authority to judge whether the actions meet their aspirations


Showcase For Democracy and Unity

Working TogetherBe ready to join NDC's movement for the transformation of the Rwandan society, institutions, and governance. Be ready for a change!

National Democratic Congress leadership is ready to transform our collective ideas into the greatest Rwandan experience

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