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Assassination of Kizito Mihigo: what is next for Rwandans?


Congrès National pour la Démocratie - National Democratic Congress  

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Press Release  PP No. 01/Feb/20

Assassination of Kizito Mihigo: what is next for Rwandans? 

It is with great sadness that we have learned the passing of Kizito Mihigo, a talented music composer and performer, this Feb 17, 2020. What is more perplexing and appalling is the laconic press release issued by his executioners.

As it has become customary in the gulag called Rwanda, the security services of the repressive regime always blame its victims. After being wrongly convicted under fabricated charges, Kizito Mihigo was thrown into prison where he spent more than three years before being given a presidential pardon for crimes he did not commit. Even after his release, he was not a free person due to the terms attached to his release.

Now the criminal regime in Kigali is accusing the mutilated victim of trying to flee the country.

  • When has it become a crime to leave a country in which the respect of the most basic human rights are not respected?
  • When has it become unlawful to leave a gulag?
  • When has it become a crime to run away from a country in which daily disappearances and assassinations of anyone perceived as not toeing the regime teachings have become common practices?              

In strongest terms possible, our Organization denounces such extra-judiciary killings that have become the hallmark of a dictatorial regime led by the oligarch criminal Paul Kagame and his cronies. With what he went through in his short life, Kizito Mihigo has become a symbol  of the True reconciliation to which a great majority of Rwandans aspires to:  a reconciliation based on Truth and Justice for All. Indeed, this transpires in his teachings that have been embedded in the body of his hymns and songs. This is the right opposite of what the regime stands for: a criminal regime that continues to oppress its people through duress, treachery, coercion, threats and/or assassinations. 

Our organization calls upon the International Community and organizations of good will to ask for an independent investigation into the assassination of Kizito Mihigo and several others Rwandans that have vanished and whose bodies have been dumped in nondescript locations all over the country.

Particularly, this is the occasion for the Commonwealth that,  in principle,  promotes the human rights and the rule of law in its member states to stand up and actively ask for an objective and independent inquiry into Kizito Mihigo's case. If the Kigali criminal regime were not to cooperate, the Commonwealth should postpone or,  preferably, cancel the upcoming  CHOGM 2020 Meeting to be held in Kigali this Summer.  

The NDC calls upon all the Rwandans of good will to stand up shoulder-to-shoulder and oppose, with an uncompromising determination, the climate of fear and assassinations set in motion by Paul Kagame and his cronies.

As we have always stated, our Organization is determined to accompany the Rwandan people in their quest of having their voice heard. The Rwanda we want is a Rwanda in which ALL its citizens, not a few, live without fear  and without being denied their basic rights especially the Right to Life; a Rwanda in which the democratic principles of the political system are enshrined in the mode of governance.

In the end, the Rwandan people will prevail and the democratic rule will be the law of the land.

May Kizito Mihigo's soul rest in peace. Mihigo and other innocent Rwandans assassinated by this criminal regime, you will never be forgotten.


17 February 2020

Dr. Augustin Dukuze


CND - NDC        

Inteko y'Abaharanira Demokarasi

Congrès National Pour la Démocratie - National Democratic Congress

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.